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e va anche a Roma
and he's going to Rome too, and he's also going to Rome ('anche' as 'also/too/as well')
vengo anch'io!
I'm coming too! ('anche' as 'also/too/as well')
anche oggi non potrò venire
I won't be able to come today either ('anche' as 'also/too/as well')
anch'io lo vidi
I saw him, too ('anche' as 'also/too/as well')
anche se
even if ('anche' as 'even')
anche se dovesse piovere
even if it were to rain ('anche' as 'even')
me lo ricordo anche se avevo solo sei anni
I remember it, even though I was only six ('anche' as 'even')
anche volendo, non finiremmo in tempo
however much we wanted, we couldn't even finish in time ('anche' as 'even')