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Sono felice che siate ritornati
I'm happy that you have returned
Sono contento che tu mi abbia chiamato
I'm happy that you've called me
Io pensavo che tu venissi da me
I thought that you would come to my house (English vernacular)
Luisa voleva che io parlassi con sua madre
Luisa wanted me to speak to her mother (English vernacular)
Vorrei che tu parlassi di più
I wish that you would talk more (English vernacular)
Mi piacerebbe che lei studiasse medicina
I wish she would study medicine / I would like her to study medicine (English vernacular)
Vorrebbero che io comprassi una casa
They would like me to buy a house (English vernacular)
Pensavo che tu avessi dormito bene
I thought that you had slept well
Venga pure a trovarci
Of course, come and see us (English vernacular)
sono passati dall'Italia
they have passed through Italy
Magari vincessi!
If only I'd won! (English vernacular)
Credevo che tu avessi parlato con Maria
I thought that you had spoken with Maria
Pensavamo che voi non foste arrivati
We thought that you had not arrived
Stia zitto!
Be quiet!
Abbia pazienza!
Be patient! (English vernacular)
suonò la campanella
the bell rang (pret.) (S+V in English with inanimate objects; V+S in Italian)
si spegnevano le stelle
the stars faded away (S+V in English with inanimate objects; V+S in in Italian)
Nell'erba si agita qualcosa
Something moves in the grass (S+V+O in English with inanimate objects; O+V+S in Italian)
La polizia stava facendo una perquisizione
The police have been making a search (imperfect continuous tense usage)
Le tre sorelle non se la passano bene
The three sisters do not fare well (personal pronoun 'si' becomes 'se' when followed by 'lo, la, li, le, ne')
il popolo inglese verrà chiamato
The English people will be asked (future perfect passive)
Marcello si morse le labbra
Marcello bit his lip (pret.; English construction)
L'avessi io
if it belonged to me, if I had it (imperfect subjunctive)
Ci sono ospiti a casa mia
There are guests at my house
l’olio sfrigola in padella
the oil sizzles in the pan (when Italian doesn't take the definite article but English does - using the preposition 'in')