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Obliettivo Luna - Hergé p19-37

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to re-echo, resound; to echo (fig.) (trans., intrans.)
this morning (adj.)
posthumous; tardy, belated (adj.); after-effect (med.), after-effects (n.)
andare dal binario
to go off the rails, lose it, lose the plot (fig.)
collega (m.f.)
colleague, fellow worker, workmate
assembly; film editing
toccare a
to be the turn of (fig.)
indicazione (f.)
information; clue, hint, suggestion; indication, pointing; direction, instruction; display (inform.)
dare retta a
to listen to, pay attention to (phrasal)
scassare; scassarsi
to force, break, smash, wreck; to get on (s.b.'s) nerves (colloq.)