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I gioielli della Castafiore 35-62 - Hergé ✓

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ill-mannered, ill-bred, impolite, unmannerly, rude, boorish (adj.); boor, yokel, ill-mannered person (n.)
tornare a bomba
to get back to the point
l'uovo di Colombo
the obvious solution (phrasal., fig.)
to exonerate, clear, vindicate, exculpate, acquit; to justify, excuse
roulotte (f.)
caravan, trailer
santi numi!
my goodness! ye gods! heavens above!
stupidity, foolishness, silliness, puerility; bilge, nonsense, rubbish; trifle, triviality
rampone (m.)
harpoon, hook, climbing-iron, crampon
ditale (m.)