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Orgoglio e pregiudizio - Austen c43-45 ✓

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steep, bluff, precipitous, sharp, abrupt
rakish, profligate, reckless, reprobate (adj.); rake, profligate, reckless person, reprobate (n.)
variante (agg., s.)
variant, varying, different (adj.); variation, change, alteration, variance (n.)
to turn up, arrive unexpectedly, show up; to intervene, occur, arise, turn up, crop up, happen/ appear suddenly (intrans.); to take by surprise, come upon, occur to; to reach, catch up with (trans.)
credible, reliable, believable, plausible, convincing: trustworthy, reliable; possible, plausible, reasonable
indagatore (agg., s.m.)
questioning, searching, penetrating, probing (adj.); inquirer, investigator, researcher (mn.)
to deserve, merit; to win, gain, earn; to warrant, call for, require, merit; to be worth
ascendente (agg., s.m.)
upward, ascending, rising (adj.); ancestor (mn. 2.)
off-putting, disagreeable, frosty, surly, churlish, stand-offish, aloof (of people), gruff, brusque, curt (of manners)
diversivo (agg., s.)
diversionary (adj.); diversion, distraction, red-herring; relief, diversion, amusement, change (n.)