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a movie made using characters and images that are invented and drawn
cooking show
a television program that demonstrates how to cook foods
a film or television or radio program that gives information about a subject and is based on facts
drama series
a television series featuring regular characters in situations such as family life, politics, workplaces (hospitals, public safety, law practices), schools, etc.
game show
a television program in which contestants try to win money or prizes, usually by answering questions correctly
news program
a television program, often broadcast five days a week, about the latest and most important local, national, and/or international news events
reality TV show
a television series that shows unscripted scenes from real-life situations
a television series in which the same characters are involved in situations in each show
sketch comedy show
a television show that includes a number of short, unrelated comedy scenes
soap opera
a television program, usually broadcast five days a week, about the lives of a particular group of characters
sports program
a television program about sports in general, or about a specific sport or sporting event
talk show
a television program, usually broadcast five days a week, featuring a regular host interviewing a variety of guests