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be washed up
(of a person) no longer successful or popular
be a big hit
to be very successful
be a has-been
to have been popular at one time and no longer be as popular
be a one-hit wonder
to be known for only one popular song
be discovered
to be noticed by someone who can help you become successful
break into the business
to find a way into an industry that is difficult to get into
get your big break
to have a chance at success
get your foot in the door
to have a chance to do something in an industry you want to be in
make a comeback
to try to regain celebrity, fame, or success
make a name for yourself
to become known for your talent or work
make it big
to become very successful, often famous and wealthy
pay your dues
to work hard for little success or money early in your career with the expectation that you will be successful later on