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appellant (or petitioner)
the party initiating an appeal
appellee (or respondent)
the party responding to an appeal
en banc
when the entire appellate level court sits to hear and decide a case, indicating the case has a high level of importance
the appellate court agrees with the decision of the trial court
the appellate court disagrees with and nullifies the decision of the trial court
the appellate court alters the decision of the trial court
the appellate court sends the case back to the trial court for further deliberation
majority opinion
the strongest form of opinion. when more than 50% of the court agrees on a decision. is law until it is superseded or overturned
concurring opinion
opinion of one or more judges that agrees with the results of the majority, but arrives at that result for different reasons.
dissenting opinion
opinion that disgrees with the majority opinion.
petition for writ of certiorari
the vehicle by which the case is taken from the court of appeals (state or federal) to the supreme court
personal recognizance
a defendant is released without being required to post bail, on the promise that he or she will appear in court at designated times
nolle prosequi
the decision of the prosecutor not to prosecute, even though he believes that there is sufficient evidence to do so
nolo contendere
when a defendant decides not to contest the charges, but does not admit guilt.
bound over
submitted to; sent