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March-April 1789
Cahiers - a list of grievances wrote up by each of the three estates
May 1789
Estates-General meet at Versailles
June 1789
National Assembly proclaimed
June 1789
Tennis Court Oath
July 1789
Formation of the citizens militia
July 1789
Storming of the Bastille
July 1789
Start of the Great Fear (le Grande Peur)
August 1789
Decress dismantling feudalism pass
October 1789
October Days - the crowd that marched to Versailles aimed to bring the royal family back to Paris. They succeeded
November 1789
Church property nationalised and introduction of the assignats
February 1790
The new partitioning of France - 83 departments, 547 districts and 43,360 cantons
May 1790
Creation of the Paris Sections - this divided Paris itself into 48 sections and became the power base of the sans-culottes until they were swept away in October 1795
June 1790
Abolition of the monarchy
July 1790
Civil Constitution of the Clergy
August 1790
Reorganisation of the judiciary