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June 1791
The Le Chapelier Law - outlawing trade unions and strikes
June 1791
The royal family are stopped at Varennes after trying to flee from France
July 1791
The Champ de Mars massacre
August 1791
Declaration of Pillnitz
September 1791
Louis XVI accepts the constitution
March 1792
The guillotine is approved as the only method of public execution
April 1792
France declare war on Austria
May 1792
Any non-juring priests who were denounced by 20 citizens could be deported
June 1792
Prussia declare war on France
August 1792
Overthrow of the monarchy
August 1792
Prussian forces enter northern France
August 1792
Attack on the Tuileries palace
September 1792
September Massacres
September 1792
Proclamation of the Republic
September 1792
Battle of Valmy
November 1792
Battle of Jemappes
November 1792
Decree of Fraternity