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January 1793
Execution of Louis XVI
February 1793
France declare war on Great Britain and the Dutch Republic
February 1793
Convention accepts the amalgame
March 1793
Revolutionary Tribunal established
March 1793
Revolt in the Vendée
April 1793
The CPS (Committee of Public Safety) is established
June 1793
Girondin deputies purged
June 1793
A new constitution is approved
July 1793
Final abolition of feudalism in France
July 1793
Robespierre joins the CPS
August 1793
Decree of levée en masse issued
September 1793
Law of Suspects
September 1793
General Maximum introduced
October 1793
The revolutionary calendar is introduced
October 1793
Battle of Wattignies
December 1793
The law of 14 Frimaire establishes revolutionary government
March 1794
Execution of Hébert and his leading supporters
April 1794
Danton and Desmoulins executed
June 1794
Festival of the Supreme Being
July 1794
Coup of Thermidor overthrows Robespierre
July 1794
Execution of Robespierre along with Couthon and Saint-Just
September 1794
State ends financial support of the Church
November 1794
Jacobin Club closed
December 1794
The General Maximum is repealed - This was popular with the sans-culottes but unpopular with the peasants who were making little profit and the repeal left in it's place inflation and economic strife