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January 1795
The United Provinces becomes the Batavian Republic after a revolt against William V
February 1795
Formal seperation of Church and the State
February 1795
The government restores freedom of worship for all religions
April 1795
The franc is introduced as the official unit of currency replacing the livre
April 1795
Germinal Uprising
May 1795
Prairial Uprising
June 1795
Verona Declaration issued - proclaiming Louis XVI's youngeer brother, the Compte de Provence, the rightful heir to the throne as Louis XVIII
August 1795
Constitution of Year III
October 1795
Vendémiaire Uprising - Bonaparte appointed Commander of the Army of the Interior
November 1795
The Directory is established
February 1796
The Directory introduce a new paper currency, known as mandats territoriaux
March 1796
Bonaparte appointed to command the army in Italy
March-May 1796
Babeuf's Conspiracy of Equals - His theory of how to organise a revolution; using a small group of committed revolutionaries rather than a mass movement