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July 1801
Signing of the Concordat with the Pope
The Revolutionary War
Lycées introduced for educating the sons of the privileged
Napoleon introduces the Legion of Honour
March 1802
Peace of Amiens - this ends the Revolutionary War
April 1802
Publishing of the Concordat
August 1802
Napoleon makes himself Consul for Life - effectively a dictator
March 1803
The franc de germinal is introduced which becomes the basis of the monetary system
May 1803
Start of the Napoleonic War
March 1804
Civil Code issued - renamed the Code Napoleon in 1807
March 1804
Murder of the Duc d'Enghien
May 1804
Napoleon declared Emperor of the French
October 1805
Battle of Trafalgar
Imperial Universities open - it aimed to provide loyal teachers for the state secondary schools
May 1808
Forced abdication of the King of Spain
May 1808
Start of the Penisular War - after Napoleon tried to install his brother, Joseph as the King of Spain, revolts erupted and a five year war ensued
June 1812
Napoleon invades Russia
The Peninsular War
April 1814
Restoration of the Bourbon monarchy under Louis XVIII (the younger brother of Louis XVI). However, Louis XVIII only ruled until March 1815 when Napoleon returned from exile
March-July 1815
'Napoleon's Hundred Days' - Napoleon returns from his exile in Elba and tries to reinforce his own power. He is stopped comprehensively by the Seventh Coalition at the Battle of Waterloo and thereby exiled to St. Helena where he eventually dies on 5th May 1821
June 1815
Battle of Waterloo
The Napoleonic Wars
July 1815
Louis XVIII once again ascends to the French throne where this time he stays until his death on 16th September 1824
November 1815
The second Treaty of Paris pushes France's frontiers back to those of 1790 - all physical evidence of the Napoleonic Empire is lost