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Andreas Vesalius
Anatomy expert. Proved Galen wrong. Published book 1543.
William Harvey
Proved the heart is a pump (Galen wrong again). Book 1628.
Edward Jenner
Smallpox vaccination using cowpox. 1796
Edwin Chadwick
Report on Living Conditions of the poor, 1842.
John Snow
Linked cholera to dirty water (Broad St pump), 1854.
Louis Pasteur
Germ Theory 1861, proved germs cause disease (not spontaneous generation)
Joseph Lister
Used carbolic acid in surgery to prevent infection (antiseptics). 1865.
Robert Koch
Proved germ theory by identifying the anthrax bacterium, 1875.
Alexander Fleming
Discovered penicillin in 1929 and published a paper on it.
Aneurin Bevan
Health Minister. Overcame opposition to launch NHS 1948.