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Miasma Theory
Belief that disease is caused by Bad Air
The Theory of the Four Humours
The belief that disease is caused when your humours are out of balance.
Spontaneous Generation
Belief that decay causes germs, not the other way round.
A water borne disease.
Religious people who beat themselves to please God and so prevent them catching the Black Death.
Give someone a small dose of a disease to try to give them protection against it.
Giving someone a weakened form of a disease to give protection against it.
The disease which Robert Koch identified in 1875.
Public Health
Actions by government to keep the people healthy and prevent disease.
Old name for a doctor. Needed a degree from the later middle ages.
Time period approx 1500-1750 which saw a reduction in the power of the Church, a renewed interest in the ideas of the Ancient World and the Scientific Revolution.
The change in the Christian Church from Catholicism to Protestantism. In England this happened from the 1530s.
A medieval chemist - made up herbal remedies, either for the Physician or sold directly to the patient
Instruments used in childbirth which led to women being excluded from midwifery.
Barber Surgeon
Performed minor surgery and gave advice in the Middle Ages
Infant Mortality
The proportion of babies dying before their first birthday
The rapid growth of towns
Wise woman
Woman in a village with knowledge of herbs and basic medicine