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Aké jedlo máte radi?
Which food do you like?
Idem tam
I'll go there.
Kam mám íst?
Where should i go?
Kam mám položiť.......?
Where should i put......?
Kedy prídeš ?
When will you come ?
Si zlatá
You are kind
To je úžasné
That is marvellous
A na tvoje úspechy
To your success
A na pitie
And something to drink
čo si dáte na jedenie?
what would you like to eat?
čo si dáte na pitie?
what would you like to drink ?
Dám si ...
I would like ...
Chutí ti ?
Do you like it? (the food)
Môže byť
It can be
Niečo na jedenie
Something to eat?
Niečo na pitie ?
Something to drink ?
Prosím si...
I would like ...
Rado sa stalo
My pleasure
To je poriadku
That is OK
čo sa stalo ?
what happened ?
Je mi to ľuto
I'm sorry for that