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pocket books
used by Beethoven for working outdoors
desk books
Beethoven copied work into these
number of final drafts Beethoven produced
same copyist
trusted by Beethoven, could read his writing
erratic notation
Beethoven: missing time/key signatures, rests, note heads, accidentals
cue staff
Beethoven used to lay out full score and make minor edits e.g. rhythm
letters and diaries
non-musical sources of Beethoven methods
sketches, plans, drafts
musical sources of Beethoven methods
used by Elgar to build up compositions from different books
places or important events
sources of inspiration for Elgar
purple date stamps
Elgar used on sketches, carefully recorded dates
writing on separate sheets
Elgar: used to try out and rearrange order of sections
skeleton short score
Elgar: layout before full score written
starting point for Elgar's compositions (Terry)
Alice Stuart Worley
corresponded with Elgar, influenced many works