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1st mvt of Elgar 2nd symphony, named after inspired places visited
links with other works
theme IIIc from 2nd symphony originally meant for Violin Concerto
letter to publisher
states 2nd symphony should be uplifting with resolved sad parts
different performers
needed changes made to operas to accommodate their abilities
not popular in France, changed to tenor
ballet movements
added to Orfeo: popular in France and extended running time
unfashionable, replaced with clarinet in Paris
Sieur Louis
played trombone and paid for trombone hire to opera house
trombone part
expanded for Paris Orfeo
"disciplining" difficulties
problem Gluck had with Parisian orchestra in performance of Orfeo
larger hall size
may have made close counterpoint less effective
"unpredictable harmonies"
feature of Chopin's improvisatory works
never the same twice
how Chopin played his own compositions
improvised in public
unusual feature of Chopin's working method
inconsistent revisions
Chopin editied different copies of a score differently