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less ambiguous
notation of Berio's second Sequenza for flute
"exact rhythmic value"
assigned to notes and rests of Berio's Sequenza revision
treble clef
added to Berio's Sequenza revision to confirm pitch
John Woolrich
composer of Ulysses Awakes
Il Ritorno di Ulisse
Monteverdi opera with aria used as basis for Ulysses Awakes
1 sketch
only preparatory material before full score
Dartington Summer School
event for which Ulysses Awakes was commissioned
"sound of ambiguity"
achieved in Ulysses Awakes by using viola for vocal line
basis for film composition, discussed with director
4 weeks
average time given to write a film score
click track
used to make sure film score tempo is precise
electronic instruments
used in film scores from 1960s to reduce costs or for effect
suspend disbelief
important purpose of music, especially in animated films
demonstrate emotions
use of film music to clarify ambiguous moments
style and time period
must be appropriate for when and where the film is set