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used by Miklós Rózla to demonstrate altered states of mind
Greek music (150 BC)
used as basis for Quo Vadis score as no surviving Roman music
"apocalyptic connections"
use of Dies Irae for stake burning scene in Twins of Evil
1970s rock and jazz
used for Dracula A.D. 1972
rag and taal
melody and metre in Indian art music
unknown composer
common attribution in 'traditional' music
specific performance or framework
what could be called the 'piece' in Sudanese gamelan
model-based, less innovative
music created in performance tied to traditional frameworks
hybrid form
blues formed from religious, secular and work songs
Deep South USA
area where blues first appeared
3-line AAB
form for each blues stanza
blues notes
flattened ^3 and ^7 of scale characteristic of blues
most common scale form in blues
orally transmitted
how blues was taught and passed on
12-bar blues
influenced by 16thC passamezzo and 19thC white hymns and dances