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inventor of the metronome
Mälzel's Metronome
Beethoven MM
used for opening speed, not fixed throughout
tempo rubato
with some freedom of time
"feel the tempos"
instruction for 17th century performers using rubato
'strong key'
preferred key for early flute
'weak key'
key avoided for early (pre-chromatic) flute
use of 2 flutes instead of 1 to increase volume
high register
18th century flute best played above treble stave
Mersenne, 1653
described recorder tone as "sweet"
recorder family
group of recorders of different sizes designed to be played together
preferred recorder venue
home or small group
poor recorder venue
concert hall, concerto with large orchestra
limited volume
feature leading to 18th century decline of the recorder
Arnold Dolmetsch
leader of 20th century recorder revival