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cheap method of production which made recorder more popular
school recorder use
cheap and simple to play, made recorder popular again
UK and Europe
main areas of recorder revival in schools
18th century Italian castrato
a prejudice; a slant
"harsh and unpleasant"
Metastasio (1749) description of Caffarelli
"angelic voice"
Grimm (1753) description of Caffarelli
Garrick (1764) response to Caffarelli
Burney (1770) description of Caffarelli
range of a piece or instrument
range in which most of the notes lie
favoured pitches
strong pitches for the singer the opera was written for
slow and not too long
preferred styles of Caffarelli
messa di voce
voice placement exercises used in 17th-19th century singing manuals
Domenico Corri
author of 'The Singer's Preceptor'