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Making 'sh' sound sentences

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The boy took a ______.
The man got bit by a ______.
I mash my _____.
I have to ____ my milkshake.
Stars _____ in the sky.
I must _____ my teeth.
My mother uses the _____ garage.
I ____ the door.
A square is a _____.
I love to play Candy _____.
The ____ sunk into the deep blue sea.
When you ____ upon a star, your dreams come true.
I put my phone on the _____.
I had a ____.
I like to _____ my head off.
I take out the _____.
My granddad rarely has a ____.
I count how many _____ to go to sleep.
I went to the ____ with my friends.
My favourite television ____ is Lab Rats.
My Granddad broke a ____.
I need some ____ to buy a new XBOX game.
Moe hides in the ____.
I have a ____ in my garden to store my bicycle in.
I ____ things to get them done quickly.