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Making 'ch' sound sentences

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I love to eat ______.
I want to be a good ____ when I grow up.
The Easter _____.
I oil my bike _____.
I love fish and _____.
I like to ____ with my friends.
She has a big ____.
My mother broke the _____ when she sat on it.
I like ______ therapy.
Let's play _____.
I like fruit _____.
I have an ____ on my leg.
A _____ helps you to tell the time.
We have a cat called _____.
At a museum you must not _____ any of the exhibits.
I play football on a _____.
My _______ is called Mrs. Copley.
I like my _______ roasted.
I attend ______ on a Sunday as it is the sabbath day.
I like to _________ my friend Andy on the XBOX.
Patch ______ mice.
I am a ___________.
I help out in the _______.
I keep my rabbits in a _____.
Granddad is a _______ at games.
My mother eats all the _________.