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Making sentences with 'V' Sounds

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I ____ my mother.
A ____ usually contains a bunch of flowers.
My favourite _________ is a carrot.
He has a good singing _____.
The little boy was a ____ good boy.
I like to ____ my mother a hug.
I will ____ for the best candidate.
I like to watch __________.
I am very good at ______.
I like to wear a ____ when the weather is hot.
Bees dwell in a ____.
I like the sound of the ______.
My grandfather is not a very good ______.
To get from the US to Canada you have to cross the Niagara _____.
A type of mobile home is a ______.
A ___ is often used to transport goods.
I am in year ____.
I have never seen a _______.
A ___________ can be used to tighten nuts and bolts.
I will be ______ next year.