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How are things? (formal) [how stands it to?]
Hur står det till?
I'm well [I feel well]
Jag mår bra
Fine, thanks.
Fint, tack
Not so good
Inte så bra
So-so. [so there, so-so-there]
Så där. Sisådär.
What's new? Anything new? (informal)
Något nytt?
Not much, and you?
Inte mycket, och du?
Welcome (to a person)
Welcome (to more than one person)
Long time no see. [It was not yesterday!]
Det var inte igår!
Pleased to meet you. [Pleasant to meet]
Trevligt att träffas.
Thanks, you too [Thanks, the-same]
Tack, detsamma
Have a nice day!
Ha en trevlig dag!
Have a nice weekend! [Nice weekend!]
Trevlig helg!
Take care (telling someone) [take care about you]
Ta hand om dig
See you soon [we see soon]
Vi ses snart
So long!
Hej så länge!
See you later [we see later]
Vi ses senare
See you tomorrow [we see tomorrow]
Vi ses imorgon
I'm leaving now [I'm walking now]
Jag går nu
I'm leaving now (informal)
Jag sticker nu
I must go now
Jag måste gå nu
I must go now (informal) [I must pull/draw back now]
Jag måste dra nu
Get in touch tomorrow [hear off you tomorrow]
Hör av dig imorgon
It's going to be fun
Det ska bli roligt