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The Great Outdoors

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Marine Parks
These are unique and outstanding marine areas, set aside to conserve seawater plants and animals. They're divided into zones that allow different, sustainable levels of commercial and recreational activities.
Historic Sites
These are sites of national cultural importance. They include buildings, objects, monuments and landscapes. Historic sites are generally open to visitors.
Karst Conservation Reserves
These are outstanding cave areas that offer unique experiences with their spectacular beauty and stunning surroundings. They include Jenolan, Wombeyan, Abercrombie and Borenore caves.
Wilderness is usually an 'overlay' on national parks or reserves. Wilderness areas are large, remote and essentially unchanged by modern human activity. They are managed so that native plant and animal communities are disturbed as little as possible.
World Heritage-listed Areas
The globally recognised World Heritage list contains some of the most important examples of natural and cultural heritage in the world. More than 600 precious places are on the list, from the Great Barrier Reef to the pyramids of Egypt.