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Mobile Devices
The use of apps when booking flights is ever increasing. People find the use of mobile applications pratical and accesible. The use of smartphones is ever increasing. In fact a 2013 study tells us that there are over 1.2 billion people accesing the web from their mobile devices. Also, mobile-based searches make up one quarter of all searches.
Self-service check-ins
The use of self-service check-ins can make it easier for airport staff to address more important problems while the visitors check themselves in. Although, when a machine fails to operate they may have to pay a technician to come and repair them, costing them more money added to the cost of the electricity they use.
Multimedia and Online Bookings
The use of multimedia attractions are in great demand thanks to the growing use of technological advances such as laptops. These attractions are used most in business travel, the use of a Wi-Fi network on board a flight means that these business men and women can connect to other people/companies using Skype (VOIP Video Chatting Service).
Entertainment Technology
The use of technology can entertain customers. For example, families may find the use of entertainment and online booking facilities convenient but older customers may find it complicated.
Electronic and Mobile Tagging
The impact of mobile tagging is quite big from applying a mobile/electronic tagging system you can save a fortune in ink and printers for you service and at the same time you could also affect the waiting time, making the waiting time lower will benefit your customers well (especially those who are scared of flying, as the thought of flying would not stay on their mind as long).
Reviews, booking and Virtual Tours websites
This is a clever idea for any service, the use of review sites and virtual tours can help customers gain knowledge of the service they plan to book from somebody else’s views. But for companies this could be both bad and good. Good reviews can showcase the quality of a room and a bad review can condone it. The use of reviews can give customers an insight to the quality of service they will be expecting.