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The tasks that support the main purposes of the business and ensure that it is run effectively
Someone with authority has the right to make a decision and perform a task
Facts and figures of any sort held by a business that can be processed to give information
Data Processing
dealing with data in a way that makes it more useful to the user providing information
Data Retrieval
Finding the data needed as quickly and simply as possible
Passing on responsibility
Pass on data to those who need to use it
A business that has several layers of managers and supervisors from the top to the bottom
Human Resources
The business function responsible for all aspects of recruiting and retaining employees
The business function responsible for linking the business with its customers through activities such as market research, advertising and promotions
Non-routine Decision
A decision that is taken less frequently, for example, launching a new product
Non-routine Task
A task that does not need doing regularly, such as preparing information for a review or inspection
The part of the business that produces goods or organises services in the correct quantities to meet customer requirements
A set of decisions about how to do something in the future
Deciding which tasks are more important to the success of the plan and working out the order for doing them
Research and Development
The business function that investigates how products can be improved and new ones developed
Having control over how a task is carried out and the duty to make sure it is done as well as possible
Routine Decision
A decision that will be made on a regular basis usually by people lower in the business structure
Routine Task
A task such as filing or inputting data into a database, which will be carried out regularly. Few skills are required to carry it out
Someone who makes sure that other people are carrying out their job correctly and safely