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Details of what is to be discussed at a future meeting
Chain of Command
The formal internal pathways on a business showing how communications are passed up and down
The transfer of a message from the sender to the receiver
Information or data only available to people with authorised access
External Communication
Communication outside the business e.g. the sales department with the suppliers
A machine capable of sending pictures and texts via telephone to another fax machine
Formal Communication
Information with some importance e.g. a warning letter on lateness
Informal Communication
This is simply passed by word of mouth
Internal Communication
Messages between people working in the same organisation
A specialised language for a particular group or industry which is unfamiliar to the general public
A way of communicating any information or data for any purpose
Written records of meetings for future reference
This the greeting of a letter e.g. Dear Sir
Verbal Communication
Spoken communication e.g. by telephone or face to face contact