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kuidas sul läheb?
how's it going? (familiar)
kuidas Teil läheb?
how are you? (polite)
kuidas käsi käib?
how are you doing?
kuidas sa elad?
how are you? (familiar)
tore sinuga tuttavaks saada
nice to meet you (familiar)
meeldiv teiega tuttavaks saada
a pleasure to meet you (polite)
kui vana sa oled?
how old are you? (familiar)
mis tööd sa teed?
what do you do for living? (familiar)
mis tööd Te teete
what do you do? (polite)
kes sa ametilt oled?
what is your occupation?(familiar)
(university) student
ma töötan ajakirjanikuna
I work as a journalist
ma töötan veebidisainerina
I work as a web designer
kas sa suitsetad?
do you smoke? (familiar)
kas Te suitsetate?
do you smoke? (polite)
jah, ma suitsetan
yes, I smoke
kas ma tohin suitsetada?
may I smoke?
mis on su telefoninumber?
what's your phone number? (familiar)
kas sa oled vaba täna õhtul?
are you free this evening? (familiar)
kas sa oled vaba homme pärastlõunal?
are you free tomorrow afternoon? (familiar)
kas sa oled vaba homme õhtul?
are you free tomorrow evening? (familiar)
kas sul on nädalavahetuseks plaane?
do you have any plans for the weekend? (familiar)