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kas siin tohib parkida?
can I park here?
kus asub lähim bensiinijaam?
where's the nearest petrol station?
sa jätsid tuled põlema
you've left your lights on
meil juhtus õnnetus
we've had an accident
see ei olnud minu süü
it wasn't my fault
mu auto läks katki
my car has broken down
palun näidake oma juhiluba
could I see your driving licence?
kas teate, kui kiiresti te sõitsite?
do you know what speed you were doing?
kas te olete midagi joonud?
have you had anything to drink?
teie pass ja pilet, palun
could I see your passport and ticket, please?
kuhu te lendate?
where are you flying to?
kas te pakkisite oma kotid ise?
did you pack your bags yourself?
kui mitu kotti te registreerite?
how many bags are you checking in?
kas ma saaksin näha teie käsipagasit, palun?
could I see your hand baggage, please?
peate selle registreerima
you'll need to check that in
ülemäärase pagasi eest võetakse tasu...
there's an excess baggage charge of ...
nautige oma lendu!
enjoy your flight!
kust ma leian käru?
where can I get a trolley?
palun võtke oma ...
could you take off your ..., please?
palun asetage kandikule kõik metallesemed
could you put any metallic objects into the tray, please?
palun võtke sülearvuti kotist välja
please take your laptop out of its case
mis on lennu number?
what's the flight number?
millisesse väravasse me minema peame?
which gate do we need?
lend jääb hiljaks
the flight has been delayed
lend on tühistatud
the flight has been cancelled
vabandame viivituse pärast
we would like to apologise for the delay
teie pass ja pardakaart, palun
could I see your passport and boarding card, please?
mis on teie istme number?
what's your seat number?
palun pange see pea kohal olevasse kappi
could you please put that in the overhead locker?
kapten lülitas välja sildi Kinnita Turvavöö
the captain has turned off the Fasten Seatbelt sign
kui kaua lend kestab?
how long does the flight take?
kohalik aeg on...
the local time is ...