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both, two, ounce, some, a few, tael
to add, plus
(a measure word for matters or actions) a time, to circle, to go back, to turn around, to answer, to return, to revolve
to feel, to move, to touch, to affect
type, form, pattern, style
(prefix before a number, for ordering numbers, e.g. first, number two, etc)
ball, sphere
sex, nature, suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity
(a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family to indicate affection or familiarity), old (of people)
rule, order, regulations, formula, journey, procedure, sequence, a surname
(a measure word), (marker for direct-object), to hold, to contain, to grasp, to take hold of / handle
by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses), quilt, blanket, to cover, to wear
just, honorable (designation), public, common
the Analects (of Confucius) / by the, per, discuss, theory, to talk (about), to discuss
to reach, and
dragon, imperial, Long (a surname)
proofread, to check, to compare / school
leave, depart, separate, distinguish, classify, other, another, do not, must not, to pin / contrary, difficult, awkward
body, form, style, system