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to double, to repeat, repetition, iteration, again, a layer / heavy, serious
to, for, for the benefit of, to give, to allow, to do sth (for sb), (passive particle) / to supply, provide
listen, hear, obey / let, allow
water, river
to do, to make, to produce
always, ever, often, frequently, common, general, constant
you (formal)
to see, to meet, to appear (to be sth), to interview / appear
li, a Chinese unit of length = 1, 2 kilometer, village, within, inside
wind, news, style, custom, manner
to separate, to divide, to break up, to loosen, to explain, to untie, to emancipate / transport under guard / (surname)
bay, gulf
moon, month
class, rank, grade, equal to, same as, wait for, await, et cetera, and so on
(onomat.), (phonetic) / (an auxiliary word performing the grammatical functions of mood), fusion of le + a
ministry, department, section, part, division, troops, board, (a measure word), (a measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.)
former, original, primary, raw, level, cause, source
America, beautiful
early, prior, former, in advance, first