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inside, inner, internal, within, interior
a courtyard, open space, place, field, a measure word, (a measure word, used for sport or recreation)
lax, yielding, unhurried / from, obey, observe, follow / second cousin
fast, quick, swift
joyous, happy, pleased
arrive, most, to, until
set up, to stand
eye, item
society, group
one-tenth of a peck / Chinese musical note, fit, to join
hope, expect, to visit, to gaze (into the distance), look towards, towards
to recognize, to know, to admit
to tell, to inform, to say
to change / more, even more, further, still, still more
almost / how much, how many, several, a few
to check, to verify, to test, to examine
capacity, degree, standard
difficult (to…), problem, difficulty, difficult, not good / disaster, distress, to scold