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a register, a block of printing, an edition, version, page
head / suff. for nouns
to be fond of, to like, to enjoy, to be happy, to feel pleased, happiness, delight, glad
to allow, to permit, to praise, (surname)
light, ray, bright
today, modern, present, current, this, now
regard as, to figure, to calculate, to compute
younger brother
to seem, like, as, if
to gather, to unite, to unify, whole
body, torso, person, life, status, pregnancy, (a measure word used for clothes) suit
to remember, to note, mark, sign, to record
substitute, replace, generation, dynasty, geological era, era, age, period
roar, cry / day of a month, (suffix used after) name of a ship, (ordinal) number
to reside, to live, to dwell, to be in, to stay, get along with, to be in a position of, deal with / a place, location, spot, point, office, department, bureau, respect
to finish, to be over, whole, complete, entire
to extend, to connect, to receive, to join
to calculate, to compute, to count, reckon, ruse, to plan
to speak, to say, talk, word