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letter, symbol, character, word
a division (milit.), teacher, master, expert, model
and, furthermore, (not) at all, simultaneously, also, together with, to combine, to join, to merge
government, political affairs
curios, antiques, to play, to amuse oneself / curios, antiques
(a measure word), (a surname), open up
who / who
mountain, hill
each, every
knot, sturdy, to bear (fruit), bond, to tie, to bind
further, moreover
star, satellite, small amount
non-, not-, un-
to establish, to found, to set up, to build, to construct
to change, to alter, to transform, to correct
(surname), even, as, join, to link, successively
to release, to free, to let go, to put, to place, to let out
laughter, yawn / a Pekinese, a pug
to live, alive, living, work, workmanship