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grind fine, study, research
straight, vertical, frank, directly, straightly, upright
to set up, to arrange, to establish, to found, to display
arrange, exhibit, narrate, tell, old, stale, a surname, to state, to display, to explain, (surname)
to announce, to inform, report, newspaper, recompense, revenge
to convey, to forward (mail), to transfer, to turn, to shift / to revolve, to turn, to circle about, to walk about
party, association, club, society
finger, to point, to direct, to indicate
five, 5
to change, to become different, to transform, to vary, rebellion
gas, air, smell, weather, vital breath, to make sb. angry, to get angry, to be enraged
to test, to try, experiment, examination, test
rare, infrequent
God, unusual, mysterious, soul, spirit, divine essence, lively, spiritual being
to take, to get, to choose, to fetch
to make into, to change into, -ization, to … -ize, to transform
thing, object, matter
king, Wang (proper name)
to assign, to appoint, office, responsibility