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woods, forest
chieftain / bill, list, form, single, only, sole / (surname)
life, age, generation, era, world, lifetime
to bear, to stand, to endure, (passive marker), to receive
near, close (to), approximately
justice, righteousness, meaning
to die, inpassable, uncrossable, inflexible, rigid
ordinary, plain, convenient, handy, easy, then, so, thus, to relieve oneself / advantageous, cheap
wrong side out or up, anti-
scholar, warrior, knight
to fight, fight, war, battle
air, sky, empty, in vain / emptied, leisure
squadron, team, group
to follow, to go with, heel, with, and
but, yet, however, while, to go back, to decline, to retreat, nevertheless
certainly, must, will, necessarily
business, occupation, study
merit, achievement, result, service, accomplishment
to write