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picture, image, reflection, shadow
sound, voice, (a measure word, used for sounds), tone, noise
flat, level, equal, to make the same score, to tie, to draw, calm, peaceful
(broadcasting) station, (measure word), platform, stage, desk, station
person, employee, member
metal, money, gold
ask for, send punitive expedition, to demand, to marry
color, look, appearance / color, dice
(expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause), standard, norm, rule, to imitate, to follow, then, principle
to hold, to contain, to allow, appearance, look, countenance
cross-piece, official records, grade (of goods), file, records, shelves
disc, sheet / a slice, piece, flake, thin, slice
direction, part, side, towards, to, guide, opposite to
(female) you
market, city
advantage, benefit, profit, sharp
flourish, it is the fashion to, to become popular / interest
white, snowy, empty, blank, bright, clear, plain, pure, gratuitous
strength, force, power, powerful, better
content, calm, still, quiet, to pacify, peace