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beg, center
special, unusual, extraordinary / male animal, special (-ly)
criticize, discuss
to do, to manage, to handle, to go about, to run, to set up, to deal with
price, value, valence (on an atom)
always, to assemble, gather, total, overall, head, chief, general, in every case
to pass on, to spread, to transmit, to infect, to transfer, to circulate, to pass on, to conduct (electricity) / biography
to think, to consider
flower, blossom, to spend (money, time), fancy pattern
(dynasty), dollar, primary, first
to (be) call(ed)
to defend, to protect, to insure or guarantee, to maintain, hold or keep, to guard
(a measure word for gifts, copies of a newspaper), copy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.), share, portion, part, (a measure word)
to seek, to look for, to request, to demand, to beseech
after all, to investigate, to study carefully
(phonetic particle) / expel breath, my goodness
(a measure word for thing, clothes, item)
1-3 p.m., 8th earthly branch, not yet, did not, have not, not
breach (a dyke), to decide, to determine
to form, compose, make up, group, to organize, cord