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good, well / be fond of
act as, take…to be, to be, to do, to serve as, to become / because of, for, to
on, on top, upon, first (of two parts), previous or last (week, etc.), upper, higher, above, previous, to climb, to go into, above, to go up
to come
learn, study, science, -ology
at once, then, right away, only, (emphasis), to approach, to move towards, to undertake
to deliver, to turn over, to make friends, to intersect (lines), to pay (money)
also, too
to use
can, may, capable, energy, able
as (if), such as
Oclock, time, when, hour, season, period
language, culture, writing, formal, literary
persuade (politically) / to speak, to say
(negative prefix for verbs), have not, not / drowned, to end, to die, to inundate
he, him
to look after, to take care of, to watch, to guard / it depends, think, to see, to look at
that, those
to ask
to be born, to give birth, life, to grow