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(surname), ten thousand, a great number
level, grade, rank, step
to grasp, to hold, support, manage, direct, maintain
laugh, smile
to throw, to send
how, which / (final part. preceded by N) / which (followed by M or Num) / which (followed by M or Num)
(refers to something that happened previously), already, at some time in the past, before, once / (surname), great-grand (father)
to walk, to go, to move
I see, oh
the topmost branches of a tree, surface, sign, to mark, (outward) sign, indication, prize, award
to flow, to spread, to circulate, to move
(a measure word), to support, to sustain, to erect, to raise, branch, division, to draw money
alone, independent, single, sole, only
cat, pussy
to check, to stop, to block, card / customs station, to be choked, to fasten, to clip, to wedge, checkpost
to require, to need, to want, necessity, need
elder brother
door, gate, field of endeavor