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all together, in while, to share, common, general, together
dialect, language, speech / tell to
ocean, sea
mouth, (a measure word)
an initial particle, prefix to names of people / (phonetic character) / (final part.), (interj.) / flatter
thread, string, wire, line
21st of month (tele.), horse, Ma (a surname)
(surname), sulfur, yellow
take part in, participate, join, attend, to join, unequal, varied, irregular, to counsel, uneven, not uniform / ginseng
sort, kind, class, way, manner
life, fate
to look at, to regard, to inspect
to look at, to watch, to observe, to behold / Taoist monastery
to ally, to unite, to join
frame, rule
son / non-syllabic dimi. suff.
eight, 8
to decorate, to embellish, to repair, to build, to study, to write, to cultivate