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material, stuff, grain, feed, to expect, to anticipate, to guess
(surname), coin, money
to lose, to miss, to fail
eat, eradicate, destroy, receive / stammer
to live, to dwell, to reside, to stop
namely, right away, to approach, to draw near
other, another, separate, separately
to record, to hit, to copy
for a particular person, occasion, purpose, focused on one thing, special, expert, particular (to something), concentrated, specialized
elephant; shape; form; appearance
change, exchange
base, foundation, basic, radical (chem.)
board, plank, plate, slab
to hold, to seize, to catch, to apprehend, to take
far, distant, remote
fast, rapid, quick
to appear, to look, form, shape
to prepare, get ready, to provide or equip