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to assist, to support, to help, group, gang, party
authenticated, solid, firm, real, true
remove, do away with, wipe out, divide, except
circles (i.e. a group of people), boundary
adornment, adorn, costume, dress, clothing
kind, type, class, category, similar, like, to resemble
to talk, speech, to speak, to tell, to explain
device, tool, utensil
(legal) case, incident, record, file, table
draw, picture, painting
(surname), English, brave
complain, sue, tell
band, belt, girdle, ribbon, area, zone, region, wear, carry, lead, bring, consists of, show, and
difference, error, discrepancy, to differ, to err, to make a mistake, to lack / different, short of, poor, to lack / send, a messenger, a mission, to commission / uneven
(interrog. part.)
to measure / capacity, quantity, amount, to estimate
(long) time, (long) duration of time
to drop, to fall