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to seem, to appear, similar, like, to resemble
exactly, in good order, whole, complete, entire, in order, orderly
to lead, to divert (water), to guide
team, class, rank, squad, a work shift, a measure word, (a surname)
bewilder, crazy about, fan, enthusiast, lost, confused
diagram, to plan, picture, drawing, chart
system, to make, to manufacture, to control, to regulate
to cost, to spend, fee, wasteful, expenses, (surname)
to compete, competition, match
odd (Num) / strange, odd, weird, wonderful
to know, knowledge / to record, write a footnote
to exceed, overtake, surpass, transcend, ultra-, super-, to pass, to cross
side, edge, margin, border, boundary
(final part.), (phonetic)
conduct, grade, thing, product, good
to abandon, to give up / residence
although, even though
to move, to transport, to user, fortune, luck, fate