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energy, perfect, excellent, refined, very, proficient
half, semi-, incomplete, (after a number) and a half, half
weigh / appointment, agreement, to arrange, to restrict, approximately
hope, wish, desire, ready, willing
make or cause to be, order, command, decree, honorable
(possessive part.), (subor. part.) / background, bottom, base
to answer, agree / reply, answer, return, respond, echo
to develop, to evolve, to practice, to perform, to play, to act
attain, pass through, achieve, reach, realize, clear, inform, notify, dignity
heroic, male
deep, profound
bank note, ticket
early, morning
courtyard, institution
to reach, to be enough
bent, crooked, wrong / tune, song
fake, false, artificial, to borrow, if, suppose / vacation
to speak, to talk, to converse, to chat, to discuss, (surname)
method, technique
a stick, club or cudgel, smart, capable, strong