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mode (music), to move (troops), tune, tone, melody, to transfer / harmonize, reconcile
to prove, to demonstrate, to confirm, certificate, proof
to arrange, to line up, row, file, series
injure, injury, wound
forever, always, perpetual (ly)
hard, firm, strong, just, barely, exactly
a platoon, line up / row of logs or boards
elder brother
Germany, virtue, goodness, morality, ethics, kindness, favor, character, kind
nine, 9
to kill, to murder, to slaughter
according to, in accordance with, to shine, to illuminate, to reflect, photograph
soft, flexible
to cover, to wrap, to hold, to include, to take charge of, package, wrapper, container, bag, to hold or embrace, bundle, packet, to contract (to or for)
to be afraid, to fear
measure word for long, thin things (i.e. ribbon, river, etc.), a strip, item, article
commerce, consult
general, approximate