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radical (chem.), root, basis
offer (information etc.), supply / offer, sacrificial offering
cut short, extinct, to disappear, to vanish, absolutely, by no means
customer, visitor, guest
to cut, to slice / close to
to gather, to collect, collected works
balanced, to fit, well-off, suitable / to call, to praise, to weigh, to estimate, to consider, to call, to address, to name, to say, commend / steelyard
according to, act in accordance with, seize
leave behind / alight, to fall, drop / alight, to fall, to drop (behind)
to exceed, to climb over, to surpass, the more … the more
unexpectedly, actually, to go so far as to, indeed
to use up, to exhaust, to end, to finish, to the utmost, exhausted, finished, to the limit (of something)
stay, delay / wait, treat, deal with, need, about, intending to do something
(surname), hear, sniff at
to forget, to overlook, to neglect
value, (to be) worth, to happen
to reproduce, to produce, give birth, products, produce, resources, estate, property
consume, news, subside, to disappear, to vanish